15 comments on “Unspoken Prayer Requests

  1. Unspoken prayer request is simply Christian code for “I-don’t-really-trust-you-with-my-junk-but-it-would-be-cool-if-you-could-pray-for-me.”

    No. it isn’t. Sometimes the person for whom you want prayer confided something in you, and you are not about to break that confidence before a whole congregation of people, including visitors to a given service. Sometimes an unspoken prayer request means you don’t feel you have the right to give the details of someone else’s life, such as the kind of medical situation a person has or someone else’s testimony.

    “Throw the door open. Make yourself [a christian gossip].” I think not. God knows the situation; it is not necessary for us to be so nosy.

    • Thank you!!!! I couldn’t have said it any better! That is the very reason I have unspoken prayer request! Matthew 6:6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you! Amen!

      • lame answer ,going in the closet to pray is not the same,if you are worshiping with people you can not trust then you better get out

  2. Interesting twisting of my words there, Helen… 🙂

    I actually agree with what you said though… My point was to make yourself vulnerable to your close community of believers, not to make someone else vulnerable through your “gossip.”

    I would actually say if someone comes to me in confidence and asks for prayer for a situation, I don’t have the right to ask for an “unspoken prayer request” in front of a larger group, let alone an entire congregation. If I do that, all I’m doing is broadcasting to a group of people – a group that the original person doesn’t trust with this knowledge, by the way – that so-and-so has something going on and I’m letting their imaginations run wild as to what it is. If someone tells me in private that they need prayer but don’t feel comfortable telling anyone else, I don’t have the right to share it with anyone else on any level.

    And, as for my situations, if I ask someone I trust to pray for me, I expect them to ask what’s going on. Sharing the situation releases it from being my sole burden to carry. It’s therapeutic and it opens the door for specific, powerful prayer. That’s the vulnerability that leads to close community.

    • I don’t say I have an “unspoken request” because I’m afraid of gossip, Or I’m hiding something, it’s because a friend told me not to say anything nor did they ask me to pray. I felt the need in prayer for that person. I agree with what you said, about minds wondering “what’s going on, why can’t she or he say” I can’t lie I’ve thought that a time or two. But I’m quick to think it’s between them and the Lord and I’ll pray. So any advice on how to ask your friends to help you pray with out breaking your word?

      • I really disagree with you! after reading your comment, maybe some of us interpret things different. Matthew 6:6. I respect your opinion.

    • Whenever I have been in this situation, it is because the situation with myself involved others, and I had no right to share their personal information. If I could share mine, and only mention it involved others, then I would because I agree prayer should be specific. However, if even doing that would reveal others by the very nature of the situation, it could possibly only cause further problems in the situation when the others heard of it later (because let’s face it, people do share out of turn). For example, a situation with a family member. (My family is extremely private, they never share anything and would be angry if I ever mentioned something to others, so I learned to be careful out of respect to them.)

  3. Greatly appreciate your input! Honestly, there are multiple ways to pray. All effective, for we know that our Father hears us. James 5:16 is one form of prayer. Notice “so that you may be healed” the greek word is iaomai: to heal, to make whole, to free from errors and sins, bringing about one’s salvation. An “unspoken prayer request” may have nothing to do with any of these. I’ll admit, the term “unspoken…”is man derived, but it’s simple and to the point. People that are offended by this type of prayer generally will be people that need control or people that trully love you and sincerely want to help. If a spiritual leader is confronted many times with the “unspoken prayer request” there may be a serious trust issue. Blessings, love and a prayer.

  4. Here’s one more thought. If someone has requested an “unspoken prayer request” pray that God’s Will be met in whatever circumstance they may be facing, pray that at some point that the person requesting prayer may be felt led to share with you their “unspoken request, hopefully in victory, glorifying God. Blessings, love and a prayer.

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