3 comments on “Salvation – Through The Mind Of A Five Year Old

  1. This makes me ANGRY. What kind of stupid-ass Sunday school teacher makes up three things little kids have to do to keep out of hell? Better to say nothing at all than to make a small child see himself as a sinner so big he’d go to hell. I hope you tell that teacher to SHUT UP with the rules and use some sound theology.

    “Jesus loves me. This I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak, but He is strong.”

    Few people realize this song was a part of a novel and written fro a dying child.

    • I’m not really sure that the plan was to make a child think he was going to hell. Andrew and I actually talk about that stuff all the time.

      The teacher – who I love very much – didn’t really make anything up so much as share what the Bible teaches about going to heaven. Confess. Repent. Baptize. That’s pretty much what we tell everyone.

      I did make sure Andrew knew that, as a child, he was covered under God’s grace and wasn’t in any danger of going to hell today.

      I love singing “Jesus Loves Me” with Andrew. I also love that he already knows that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and there is no way to heaven outside of Him.

      The point of the post was that Andrew is already interested in eternity and Jesus and salvation and I wish everyone else I dealt with was as interested in figuring out what the Bible says about it.

  2. It absalutly amazes me how God is always useing Andrew to teach us. I have noticed over the years that quite often stuff he does is used to teach both you and us Gods message. it is so awesome
    He seems to see so clearly stuff us adults are blind to. You and Grace are blessed to have this little messenger in your life. Never quit listening to him and telling us what he says and does, He is spreading Gods word in a way that no one else can.

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