3 comments on “You Need A Philemon 11 Moment…

  1. Why is the new normal “better” than the old one? Wasn’t each sufficient for your (or anyone’s) growth in Christ at the time? Sure we grow, but does that mean better? This seems like playing with words. Seems like the “normal” we have at any given time should be considered considered sufficient (if it’s Christ centered).

    I can only imagine how actually seeing Joplin would mess with your head. It does even if you haven’t seen it. But seeing it has to be so much harder. Not worse, harder. Just the new normal isn’t better, it’s different. Why pit then against now? I want my old normal (the Joplin of my childhood) to remain just what it was: good.

    You can go back to yesterday in your thoughts, and sometimes going back will ground you like nothing else. Yesterday is as important as tomorrow. But live today.

  2. To clarify, I wouldn’t say yesterday was “bad” – again, assuming it’s Christ-centered. But I do believe there’s a call to deeper maturity in the future. Paul specifically calls us twice (in Ephesians and in Hebrews) to grow toward an increased maturity in our faith.

    When I was 10, I had a healthy belief in God. When I was 25, I had a deeper faith that only comes through experience. But today, my life and ministry reflect an even better picture of who Christ is.

    You and I were both lucky to have an “old normal” that’s worth remembering well. Sadly, though, we’re surrounded by people who weren’t. Their past is full of hurt, pain and disappointment and they desperately need a better normal than they had.

    What I feel I’ve been learning is that whether your past is a pleasant memory, a terrible nightmare or something in between, God is calling us to carve out a deeper, fuller, more Christ-focused present and future.

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