One comment on “Was + Is = Is To Come (CIY MOVE Update #5)

  1. It’s amazing just HOW effectively God works through people. I REALLY REALLY needed to read this. I am my own worst enemy at digging things up from my past and letting Satan hold that over my head. But you are SO right. It doesn’t have to be something as “large” as prostitution that you come out of it can be something as small as trying to be in control of your own life and only give GOD half of yourself (which is what I was guilty of in the past and many other things). But if we allow satan to remind us just how wrong we have been even if we have repented we are allowing him to steal our joy and our opportunities to pull someone else out of the shame of sin. If Jesus Forgives are sins and tosses them away like they never happened how arrogant are we that we should still remember them and allow them to control our lives. That is something I read somewhere that has helped me.

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