10 comments on “Chris, This Is Your Time To Dance

  1. Oh, Adam. I am so thankful you were a family again. But I have no words to say that will actually comfort.

    Sweet, sweet Jesus, hold this hurting family in your arms.

  2. Adam,

    These are great words. Thank you for your love and support of all those you are able to minister to. Chris is a special guy and I feel so blessed to have been able to minister to him with you and all of GCC in 2007. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  3. Adam, I cannot imagine your loss, I will say and you all ready know that,

    God put you all together as a family for a reason. As we know God has a plan for us all. I would think he placed Chris in your life for the reason of Preparing Chris for this time. You and Grace did make a positive impact on him or he would not have came back to you. You played a part in his Salvation. God knew this day would come and you and Grace helped prepare him for this by being the example and Teacher.Our Family will Pray.

  4. Wow! The Galley family is praying for the Jones family, and all of Chris’s other family and friends. Awesome words Adam!!!

  5. I am SO sorry for your loss! I can’t imagine the pain!

    Please let me know if I can help in ANY way!!

    I will be praying for you, Grace and Andrew!

    Love you guys!!

  6. Adam,Grace ,Andrew
    My heart is with you all, I will be praying for all the family and friends that are affected by this.
    May God comfort and strengthen everyone.

  7. Adam, sorry to hear about the loss of Chris. I would have a hard time understanding the why’s as well as you and Andrew. Your story is one of love and remembrance of what is GOOD in life. Thank you for sharing as my family struggles to carve out precious moments to share together. Our prayers are with you…. The Seigla Family…all six…

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