10 comments on “Parents’ Primary Responsibility

  1. Good point, you’re spot on. Julie and I were talking about the extremes parents tend to swing towards when trying to raise their kids. They either 1) take on a “so what” mentality where anything goes and they give their kids too much control because, “They already see/hear that stuff anyways” or 2) they thinks they can raise their kid in a box, which in turn never allows them to learn discernment.
    We have to remember a parent’s job is teach the child to shift their dependency, over time, from them as parents to God. We often forget the last part and tell them to rely on themselves, and we wonder why they fail. We, as parents, give them freedom either way to early or way too late.

  2. If children will have a “choice” after they graduate, which you clearly stated they do. Why not give them the opportunity to learn prior to that moment? I agree with you 100%, It is a parental choice! A choice in which I believe firmly in. Either way you parent your child, you may be faced with the conversation about how you can get them back into church. Sometimes as parents you may have your child go to everything church related and the church turns the child away. Maybe not litterally, but in the childs mind. They may see things that take place on these activites or at church and prefer not to be a part of that kind of behavior. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think that is up to the family to decide. Let’s just take “Matt” as an example of that. You said Matt was a good kid! Matt was an example in one of your previous messages (Nov 6th, “Not a fan: More than Rules”) and he was at church all the time. He had a whole lot of church, but not a whole lot of Christ, which in my opinion is very sad. 😦 I do agree that it is much easier to build a solid foundation early on in the childs life. They need to know that they have a right to make a decision for the direction God calls them, regardless of what anyone else may say. One of the most difficult things for anyone to do is to make a choice. Why not teach them that early on, through giving them opportunities to do so. Jesus knows our hearts better than we do! Jesus is more than rules, so shouldn’t we as parents and the church be the same? Let us show love to EVERYONE! Loving unconditionally! 🙂

    • Great thoughts! Here’s what sprang to mind as you reminded me of “Matt”…

      I work hard to help my 6 year old learn why it’s important to brush his teeth but, ultimately, if he refuses to brush them, I force him to because he good dental hygeine now offers a stronger possibility of good teeth later. I also try to teach him to eat somewhat healthy but, again, if he refuses, I force him to eat food other than candy.

      As parents, our kids’ spiritual health is, in my opinion, of the utmost importance. And so I try to teach my son why it’s important to submit life to Jesus but, ultimately, if he refuses, I will drag him kicking and screaming to church. Because… It offers a much better possibility of him having a godly heart later than if I let him make his own immature 6 year old decisions and just hope he’ll have a change of heart later.

      I love as I see parents teaching their kids that Jesus is more than rules and showing them how to love people!

  3. I totally agree with you Adam. When I was growing up we did not even think about not going to church. My parents fed us, clothed us, and took us to church. There was no choice to make. I wish they were here today so I could tell them Thank You. Keep up the good work in passing on to everyone what God has led you to say. and I thank you too for your messages.

    • Honestly, I have no idea. Ultimately, to use the teeth analogy, I can personally be responsible for and maintain my son’t dental health but as soon as he leaves my house, he can never brush again if he so chooses.

      With church, I can be responsible for immersing him in the spiritual environment I desire for him and he can still choose to walk away.

      BUT… If I don’t immerse him in the right spiritual culture, he’ll likely never realize the option of choosing the way I “wish” for him.

  4. In reference to the dental health analogy, even with enforcement of brushing there teeth twice daily our children may experience a few cavities along the way. Some may even have to undergo major dental work, even though they have gone to the dentist twice a year as expected. But by the grace of God and being led by example, they will hopefully experience minimal cavities and have a lifetime of healthy smiles. Smile God Loves You!

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  6. If that is where you hope to find security, I’m afraid it is sorely misplaced. Jesus didn’t tell us that ‘going to church’ would keep us safe, but that trusting him would. He gave us an anointing of the Spirit so that we would know the difference between truth and error. That anointing is cultivated as we learn his ways in his Word and grow closer to his heart. It will help you recognize when expressions of church you share life with becomes destructive to his work in you.

    • Jesus saves. Church doesn’t. But… An environment where my kids are surrounded by people seeking God gives them a much better chance of meeting Jesus than a culture of self-centeredness does.

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