6 comments on “My Christmas Bucket List

  1. I feel ya! I dread Christmas on some level which makes me feel bad. I don’t mind the carols and stuff more that all my plans go up in smoke. I alway have the pipe dream of a Christmas like on movies but instead ours looks more like feeding time at the zoo.

    Maybe I needa bucket list…or shock collars.

    • It was tough enough to narrow it down to 9, but if I had to go to 3, I’d say…

      1. Spend more time thinking about my family than my job. (I want to be fully present when I’m at home.)

      4. Love, like and serve my wife more than anyone else. (She’s my wife and my friend.)

      7. Remember that I don’t have to do Christmas with extended family… I get to. (There is a difference.)

      How about you?

  2. Okay that is tough. I would tweek some of these just a tad, but these would be my three if I were to pick from your bucket list.
    2.Donate toys/clothes (and money) to people who need them more than me. (I’ve been blessed, and it is way more fun for me to give than recieve.)
    3.Take my family on a drive just to look at Christmas lights or enjoy small adventures of simplicity. (They “wow” my family as a whole.)
    5.Stick to our Christmas gift-buying budget. (No credit cards.)

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