2 comments on “If You Love Something Let It Go

  1. “I was done no matter what I said she wasn’t going to matter. She was going to continue to argue until the day she died. So I said believe what you will and I’ll do the same.One thing that stuck with me was a comment about God being a parent.”

    The above comment concerns me some. The first sentence–She should always matter in my opionion, and it usually takes more than one person to lead someone to Christ. The second sentence–As long as she is arguing she is at least considering and thinking. Again strictly my opinion. The third sentence–Love and be the example of what God wants us all to be. You shouldn’t always have to tell somebody, let your actions speak louder than your words.

    I heard Steven Furtick say the other day, “Let this be the year of God completing what he started in our lives.” Probie, you have a ton of potential to help change the lives of so many. Never give up on any of them, and let God complete what he has started in your live. He’s gonna do amazing things through you!

    • That was I typo I she does matter what I said wasn’t going to affect her sorry about that. I typed it on an iPod. As for the rest she loves to argue and in her mind she always wins. Agin sorry for the typo I’m gonna go fix that.

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