5 comments on “Fear Is The Enemy Of Your Future

  1. Jones, you have done it yet again…another amazing blog! And it really made me think. I didnt realize how many times I have chickened out when it got tough and I was scared of what the outcome would be of my choices, right and hard choices at that, would be. Especially when it took me out of a world that was comfortable to me, and put me in a world I wasnt used to or comfortable in anymore. I didnt realize how much Fear controls our way with God, our future in life and our future with God.

    Thanks for making me think, and thank you for writing another Awesome blog! 🙂

    • Thanks Raegan! Your thoughts are right on… Every choice we make – good or bad – changes the current situation we’re living in. And the fear of that change can paralyze the need to make a choice. Praying for you!

      • Yeah it sure does. And thanks Jones! Im slowly getting used to the world I was once used to and not letting the fear paralyze me from making the right choices.

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