4 comments on “You’re Prepared. Guaranteed.

  1. I am absolutely sure that God will prepare a person to do anything He calls them to do. But I’m not so sure He prepares one in advance. I think a person can receive a call and still have years of preparation (maybe several college degrees) before he/she is ready to do the task for which he/she has been called. Think of all the pastors with doctorates. Think of missionaries who must learn foreign languages and cultures.

    On the other hand, every Christian knows what is doing in his/her own life and has a story to tell with respect to a relationship with God. And every Christian has a responsibility to share his/her faith in one way or another.

    I DO NOT think only pastors receive a call. I think God calls many who are too noisy to hear Him.

  2. Maybe it’s simple semantics, but I think there’s a difference in preparation and training. David was prepared to fight Goliath but not trained for fighting giants. With God’s divine guiding, he still overcame. But there are times when we’ve been prepared with the heart and passion to do, say, cross-cultural missions, but we need specific training to accomplish the ultimate goal.

    There may need to be a follow-up post about “spiritual preparation vs. physical training.”

    And I completely agree that God calls EVERYONE – not just pastors. I actually had a great conversation with a young lady last night about that very thing. The conclusion of that chat was “God is calling every single person He’s ever created to come to Him in relationship and to accept a mission. But not everyone hears because we don’t put ourselves in position to listen for His voice.”

    Great thoughts Helen!

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