4 comments on “Who Are You Walking With?

  1. I really don’t get this one. You are talking to young people, right? Now just suppose a given man asks the above questions and decides that one or both of his parents is a “fool.” Are you advising he “walk away” at age 16 and live on his own? Somehow I don’t think that is exactly what you mean. How does walking away square with “honor thy father and thy mother”? This is NOT the same thing as advising young people to choose Christan friends, which is very good advice.

    • I guess if young people read what I posted, then I’m talking to young people, although I’m not sure that my writing or the original proverb is aimed at any one particular age.

      Using the Biblical definition of a fool being “someone who knows right from wrong and just doesn’t care” or “someone who knows something will hurt him but does it anyway,” IS very similar to advising people to carefully choose their companions. Age has no bearing here. True, I know plenty of young people who have chosen poor friends, but I know an equal number of older people who have chosen foolish relationships.

      When a fool – of any age – blows up, the people in relationship with him are nearly always adversely affected. It might tarnish a reputation or weaken integrity. It might leave a family fatherless or motherless. It might destroy a ministry or a company. The consequences of walking with a fool take on different shapes, but the aftermath of the implosion is almost always worse than the pain of parting ways with the ticking time bomb.

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