2 comments on “They’re Your Mission Too!

  1. Here’s some things I think.

    Youth is a stage of life not a disease. Young people are inexperienced not stupid. Young people sometimes drive older people crazy. Rebellion is necessary to find out who they are. That’s why each generation has its own music, etc. (Young people may be worshiping to rock music. I want to throw rocks at them when they do.)

    Maturity means, accepting the fact that – compared to God not other people – I will never grow up and that other people won’t either (and throwing exactly zero rocks, because I don’t like a certain music style, denomination, pastor, etc.)

    There is nothing new under the sun. Everything we do in youth and at older ages is a rebellion against or confirmation of what we’ve already heard from other people. We aren’t as unique as we pretend we are.

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