2 comments on “BE and DO work best together…

  1. “Be and do work best together” because “faith without works is dead,” (James 2:17), but “cozy,” “bored,” and “stressed” are all the result of the kind of culture we live in (through no fault of our own: we didn’t choose the century in which we were born): a culture where we have a machine to do everything and labor to live is barely necessary.

    These (“cozy,” “bored,” and “stressed”) are modern problems of a mechanized society not the innate result of being human. We have declared ourselves to be human beings (not human doings), and yet work (exercise) is necessary for our well being.

    Working for the kingdom used to be only a part of a Christian’s work (not necessarily separate from the work for livelihood), but that was before we “invented” (and analyzed) childhood in the modern sense. But we (society) have invented it, and we (Christians) do have to live in the present. Discipline is, indeed, required to work for the kingdom, but the nature of the work an individual must do is made clear (revealed) only through being a Child of God and listening for the voice of the Lord.

    In other words, just because something needs to be done does not mean you are the person God wants to do it. God’s will for the individual Christian is revealed in many different ways. The work I do for the kingdom may or may not fit someone else’s definition of “work for the kingdom.” Just because it looks like all someone does is sit in a pew (or not) doesn’t mean that is what is actually happening. One thing for sure: God wants His children both to be and to do.

    • Excellent, Helen! James 2:17 is a perfect tie-in to the concept…

      But while there are aspects of our culture that we really can’t affect – American/Urban/Rural/Corporation/etc. – there are cultures that we can absolutely create. The culture of my family, for instance, is completely up to the way I lead my wife and children. The culture of an individual church is, in large part, determined by the pace the staff and leaders set.

      That’s the culture I was referring to, culture that is set based upon the skill of key leaders to offer high invitation and high challenge to the organization they’re leading. That organization can be as large as a mega-church and as small as dad/mom/son/daughter family. It could be an office full of cubicles or just a few friends who hang out and ride bikes together.

      Everyone has a different “specific” call (I wrote an entire post on saying “NO” to things outside your calling at http://tinyurl.com/7nkjs5x). But the “general” call on all Christians – all the Church – is to reproduce disciples. And the only way disciples are made is if we model for them how to BE and how to DO the life of Christ.

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