4 comments on “What Are Your Legos?

  1. The real question is, why are you writing this instead of playing with those Legos? Are you dreaming or writing something very logical (analytical) about dreaming? Do you dream or think about dreaming? Do the children of unbelievers play with Legos? How does it differ? (God is their maker, too.) And yet “Isn’t the whole concept of imagination unbelievably holy?” is creatively to die for.

    If your idea of a good post is one that makes people think, this is a keeper. There are more questions than answers, though few tell us that truth.

    • Great questions! Isn’t the best writing that which causes the reader to think and question his/her own heart?

      And, by the way, I do love Legos! (One of our favorite family games is “Creationary” – kind of like pictionary but with Legos)

      I’ve been lobbying for a Millenium Falcon but it hasn’t happened yet… 😉

  2. Helen,
    This a Dad definitely models dreaming to our son– pre-back surgery, there were light saber fights and cowboys and Indians galore in this house. Battles where mommy was the princess and the bad-daddy was gonna lock her up…

    Now, during the recovery period, there has been a shift in the dreaming… More building together, more reading and using our imaginations that way…

    But trust me, this daddy has ALWAYS modeled creativity to our son!!

    Thank you, Adam, for teaching our son to dream! I love how I see Jesus through him and you!

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