8 comments on “Take Heart! You’re Not Alone.

  1. Thank you Adam for such a beautiful message that turned in to be Don and my morning devotion. We really needed this reminder as we face Don’s Parkinson’s advancing stages. So many in our congregation are in the midst of darkness and the unknown. We enjoyed your message yesterday and love having the reflection of your words in writing where we can read them and draw strength from them. God bless you in your ministry here and if we can be of any help to you please let us know. Love in Christ. Don and Carmean

    • Thank you for the kind words Carmean. I’m sorry to hear about Don’s Parkinson’s, but glad I could be a part of the Lord comforting and encouraging you. I’ll be praying for your family!

      • Adam, I’m so sorry. I’m not sure what happened yesterday when I couldn’t get your blog and it didn’t print all my question about not being able to read your blog. No wonder you didn’t know what I was asking. .but I could read it today. Crazy…. I appreciate your encouragement in your blog. We are excited about the future of CC of CJ. Have a enjoyable and fruitful day in the Lord. Mary

        • Glad it works now! I’m excited about what God’s doing in CJ as well and I’m incredibly grateful for the foundation you and others laid to get us to where we are. Thanks so much!

  2. I think I have heard about the Promise, Process, and Payoff before. Hope everything is going well for you. We sure do miss you at GCC. Continue doing God’s work.

    • I think you probably have Terri! 🙂 Things are great here, we’re settling in and loving it. But I’ll always miss everyone in Georgetown as well, keep on track and our paths will cross again someday, either here or in heaven!

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